People who probably rock bootcuts and Skechers always have so much to say about the commendable fashion decisions of artists who are entirely unaware of these people's existence. A recent subject of these types of comments is none other than Gunna, whose recently acquired Chanel bag drew some mockery from a faction of squidbrains.

In a new interview with Hot 97, Gunna addressed the comments, confirming that he's totally unfazed by the inconsequential opinions. 

Asked about 24 minutes into the video below, speaking about his "nice blue bag that everybody's been having an opinion on," Gunna—who had the bag with him—revealed he bought it for around $9,000 in Toronto.

"I'mma be honest," Gunna said. "I seen the bag, walked away from the bag, and went back and got the bag because it was limited. That's what made me get it. I liked the bag already. The price was like, 'For real? Come on. For real?' But then they took it off the shelf so I knew it was gon' happen. And it was just limited, so I like limited stuff. I like when three or four months from now, everybody ain't gon' have it."

Ultimately, the bag in question—which is part of the Pharrell collection—isn't meant to please fans or critics. "This is what I like," Gunna said. "It ain't for them. That ain't for y'all to like. If it were for them to like, I woulda gave them the bag."

Asked later about online fashion opinions in general, Gunna said it's not about the price tag or the item's supposed gender. As an example, Gunna noted he was currently rocking a Dickies jacket.

Earlier in the interview, Gunna reflected on how he first met Young Thug, who owns the same bag and has a proven track record of breaking down barriers in the fashion world. "My first real Rolex in life, he gave it to me for my birthday two years ago," Gunna recalled, adding that he returned the favor with a Rolex for Thugger the following year. 

See the full interview below. Gunna's Drip or Drown II is out now.