As you may have guessed from the title, Boy Pape and Hudson Alexander's latest collaborative EP "Things I Kept Quiet" is a reflective piece of work. In an age when everyone has been given a digital megaphone in the form of social media, channeled contemplations in the form of a thoughtful collection of songs whose eclectic productions match the wide range of emotions portrayed here, is a welcome change from the trend of oversharing and paint-by-numbers trap bangers.

Across the seven tracks, Pape reveals things he kept quiet over the last year of his life, everything from his appearance in the Netflix Original film Polar and touring with Francesco Yates and Justin Timberlake, to more emotional topics like past relationships, addiction, and the loss of one of his childhood friends. Throughout, Hudson’s production isn't just merely a canvas to be painted on but helps guide and inform much of the storytelling.

In terms of sonic inspiration, the project combines Hudson's love for modern rap producers like Kenny Beats and Bighead, and connects them with his roots in 90s-00s alternative and emo bands like Modest Mouse and American Football.

Pape and Hudson recently appeared on Bedroomer's monthly radio on local community station ISO to chat about the project and share some insights behind each track. Skip to the 1:30 mark on the archived recording to check that out, and be sure to take in the whole project above via Spotify or on any other streaming service.

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