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Young Thug was arrested last year on a number of drug possession-related charges for a 2017 incident in Georgia, but now he's just scored a huge win in the drug case. The Blast reports that a Georgia judge sided with Thugger, ruling the car stop that lead to his arrest as improper. Three police officers were called by the prosecution to present evidence against the Atlanta rapper.

"Officer Fikes testified, unequivocally, that the sole season for stopping the vehicle was based upon a supposed window tint violation," court documents obtained state. "However, there was no credible evidence present, whatsoever, how this vehicle’s window tint violated." The judge also added that there was no evidence to support whether the window tint on the vehicle Thug was riding in was placed after it was delivered by the manufacturer.

“The prosecution failed to present credible evidence that this vehicle was violating the law when it was stopped by law enforcement,” the order continues. "All evidence that flowed directly and indirectly from this illegal stop and seizure must be suppressed, including, but not limited to, all statements, firearms and supposed drugs." 

In December, Young Thug filed a motion saying that the cops responsible for his 2017 arrest never read him his rights. His legal team said the stop was "unlawful and additionally, there was no probable cause to search this vehicle." The rapper was taken into custody for possession and intent to distribute a variety of drugs, including meth, hydrocodone, and marijuana.

While it is sounding better for Young Thug with the evidence tossed aside, the case could still go to trial.