London-born, but now based in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and former Crystal Fighters vocalist Eleanor-K has spent the last year and a bit steadily releasing a pretty eclectic string of singles. What ties them together, though, are her soulful vocals and her enthusiasm for seamlessly blending electronics and live instruments, two themes she's continued with her latest single "Anything You Want".

There is, of course, progression with "Anything You Want", as there should be. To that potent mix, Eleanor-K has added a noticeable edge of R&B alongside the fuzzy, groove-filled electronics and the skittish, jazzy percussion. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Eleanor told us:

"'Anything You Want' is about a girl that completely loses touch with reality. It's tuning into a very vulnerable and desperate place that everyone has felt at least once in their lives in a particular situation, whether that be romantically or socially. I was encapsulating a ruminated inner dialogue of a girl experiencing self-doubt and rejection and dealing with it in an unhealthy/illogical way." 

Listen exclusively below.