It seems the recent armed robbery attempt of Adam22 wasn't a hoax.

The popular podcaster, born Adam Grandmaison, was filming an episode of his No Jumper series on Sunday night when a man ambushed his studio and pointed a gun at his head. The suspect's arm and weapon appear in the frame, as he screams "Give me all your fucking money, right now!" Adam22 attempts to push the firearm away as he nervously giggles. The two men are then taken out of the camera's view, as viewers heard what sounded like a scuffle.

Adam22 returned to the frame shortly after, saying: "Yo, yo, yo, we're gonna have to come back soon. Holy shit. Why didn't he shoot? Now he's out cold. We gotta call the cops. We're gonna have to come back for all these other donations, dude. Holy fuck . . . What the fuck?"

Many people suspected the robbery was a publicity stunt, as Adam22 was seen smirking shortly after the gun was pointed as his head. The podcaster told TMZ he initially thought the incident was a joke, which is why he reacted with a laugh.

"I guess I don't blame people for questioning it because, I mean, we have filmed a few skits in the store before," he said. "[...] But no, I mean this was 100 percent real. If this was a joke, it would be a weird joke considering the kid got the crap beat out of him really bad."

TMZ reports the suspected gunman, identified as 24-year-old David Tran, has been charged and arrested for the Sunday incident, and is being held on $100,000 bail.