It's no secret by now that incarcerated Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine knows how to ruffle some feathers. Throughout his career, he's never been afraid to beef with some of the biggest names out there, resulting in some very public feuds. Appearing on REAL 92.3 LA with Big Boy, Nipsey Hussle has said that the public shouldn't pay any mind to reckless behavior like 6ix9ine's. 

"Even when we started seeing a lot of the Tekashi 6ix9ine stuff, when he started coming at certain people those were people we thought, 'Man, they'll get him,'" Big Boy explained in a conversation with the L.A. rapper. "They knew to just...," he continued while throwing up his hands. 

"And you see the outcome," Nipsey responded. "That's why the public gotta be more... You can't even really get on Tekashi, you gotta demand more from the public. You got people reacting to how the public reacting to Tekashi disrespecting them."

The list of beefs between 6ix9ine and other artists is extensive, with him feuding with Trippie Redd, Pi'erre Bourne, The Game, Casanova, and Nipsey Hussle's close collaborator YG. "The public should not even react to clown shit," Nipsey continued. "The public should follow the real n****s, if the real n****s ain't reactin' so y'all don't react. Put the dude on goofy time and just let him sit over here doing what he doing till that shit expire, cause it always gonna self-destruct, clearly."

6ix9ine was arrested on racketeering charges last year. He later pleaded guilty to nine counts in the case and agree to fully cooperate with the authorities.