Following the release of HBO's Leaving Neverland documentary, allegations against Michael Jackson have resurfaced once again. The provocative doc takes a closer look at a number of accusations the singer was acquitted of, as well as those previously unheard of. Those telling their horrifying stories of sexual assault at the hands at MJ are predominantly boys who were very young at the time, and the alleged incidents have called his sexuality into question. His former bodyguard Bill Whitfield, however, says that Jackson never showed any interest in men.

Speaking with Jim Breslo for a an interview, Whitfield opened up about his experiences working with the superstar. "We talked about women," he said. "We would talk about women that he found very attractive." He also went into detail about a time he got a phone number off of a University of Georgia student. "We had enough conversations to know he was into women, bottom line I would know."

Whitfield also said that during his time working for MJ, he never got any implications of pedophilia. "I know Michael Jackson was not the type to molest children," he said. He also said that those accusing the singer of abuse were lying.

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