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Adam22 should consider bulking up on security.

Four days after he was held at gunpoint during a live stream, the popular podcaster claims he was targeted by another armed robber on Thursday afternoon. The alleged incident went down at his OnSomeShit bike store in Los Angeles, while Big Boy was in the building to record an episode for No Jumper.

The suspect hopped on Instagram Live just moments before he entered the building and pointed his firearm at store employee Michael Harkous. The gunman was heard directing Harkous to fetch Adam and began following the employee toward the No Jumper studio. The employee was shown opening a back door before quickly slamming it in the gunman's face.

Adam22—legal name Adam Grandmaison—posted surveillance video of the ambush, and said the suspect was taken into police custody. 

Adam22 claims the gunman had previously contacted him requesting some kind of collaboration: "I guess this was his last ditch effort to get some attention," the podcaster tweeted.

Though some have suspected the initial armed robbery was a publicity stunt, Adam22 insists Sunday's incident was "100 percent real." TMZ has reported the first gunman—identified as 24-year-old David Tran—was arrested and charged for the ambush.