UPDATED 5:57 p.m. ET: The Los Angeles Police Department has told the Fader that the weapon that was pointed at Adam22 was a "movie prop gun." The suspect has since been charged with attempted robbery. 

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting Adam22 as saying that the assailant was close to getting shot by a member of his crew. "That's the thing I'm thankful [about], this guy didn't get killed cause it was really, really close to happening," he said. 

See the original story below. 

No Jumper host Adam22 had a gun pulled on him during a livestreaming session Sunday night.

Ripped footage from the stream, which has been heavily circulated in the wake of the harrowing mid-broadcast moment, shows Adam22 preparing to eat and make his way through some donation mentions when the man—who has not been publicly identified—enters the frame with his weapon drawn.

The action then moves out of frame. Off camera, you can hear the sounds of an ensuing scuffle as someone in the studio scolds the man. "Don't you fuckin' pull up on us with no fuckin' gun, you little bitch," someone says off camera. "What the fuck is wrong with you, you little fuckin' bitch?"

Adam22 then returned to the frame, telling viewers he and his team were notifying local police in Los Angeles. "Yo, yo, yo, we're gonna have to come back soon," he said. "Holy shit. Why didn't he shoot? Now he's out cold. We gotta call the cops. We're gonna have to come back for all these other donations, dude. Holy fuck . . . What the fuck?" There's also footage being shared on Reddit alleging to show a portion of the off-camera moments.

The incident was later addressed in multiple tweets from Adam, who joked about what his final words would have been if things had gone differently:

Complex has reached out to the Los Angeles Police Department for more info and will update this post accordingly.