One of the unique talents possessed by all truly great creatives is the ability to see connections where others can't. It's what separates a good DJ from a great one and it explains why people lost their minds over mashups that put something like Daphne & Celeste against The Prodigy in that weird period where doing that sort of thing was really popular.

Those connections don't get more stretched than the ones made by animator and designer Joe "Mason London" Prytherch on this new mixtape he's just shared. The premise of the tape is that he collected together a bunch of vocals from the 2004 Lord Of The Decks 2 pack and set them against funk and groove-filled instrumentals from the '70s and '80s. We never thought we'd be mentioning President T in the same sentence as disco, but these are the topsy-turvy times we live in. This is the new normal.

Somehow, against all our preconceptions, it actually works very, very well indeed. Whether a fully-fledged online microgenre can be made from this discovery is yet to be seen, but for now just enjoy the tape at the top.

[via Dummy]