The act of throwing shit at performers, i.e. one of the preferred pastimes of idiots, resulted in a shortened T-Pain set over the weekend.

Footage shared by TMZ from the underrated vocal innovator's Sunday set at Denver's BBYO Convention shows a performance of the Grammy-nominated 2007 track "Bartender" being interrupted by a large beach ball. According to reports, T-Pain had previously urged the audience to do him a solid by not tossing beach balls on the stage.

The ball in question ultimately hit T-Pain in the face, prompting him to reportedly cut his set off after roughly 30 minutes. One attendee called the shortened set a "learning moment" for the young audience members. 

T-Pain, meanwhile, doesn't appear to be sweating the incident too much.

1Up, T-Pain's first new studio album since his 2017 RCA-assisted release Oblivion, is expected later this year. In January, the album's first single "Getcha Roll On" was released. Last week, T-Pain followed that Tory Lanez collab with the Flipp Dinero-featuring "All I Want."

The accompanying 1Up Tour features opening support from Abby Jasmine and is set to kick off at the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas March 16. 


Speaking with Thrasher last year on matters of legacy and his brief skateboarding tenure, T-Pain burst the bubble of modern fame tactic with some insight. "People want to kinda make it seem like they're on top of everything, but they're not," he said. "You a big fish in 
a little pond. "