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When I look back at some of the hallmark characterizations of the Jersey club's international takeover wave, the one thing that truly stands out to me is the continued use of delectable and infectious '00s pop-infused R&B samples. The mysterious DJ Hoodboi has been on that tip for a while and his latest is just another in that line of hawt beats. Remixing the insta-classic T-Pain single "Bartender," Hoodboi breathes new life into a song that we're always happy to hear.

Now personally, I think the original on this could have gone completely untouched because it was already primed pop music, but from a professional DJ standpoint, I see why Hoodboi gave it his own spin. Today's rave crowds aren't always up on their classics and need to be re-educated in a way they understand and since the club sound is what's poppin' right now, it makes sense. Whatever though, no need to truly intellectualize this track when it's really just trying to get you to move and groove.