On Friday (Feb. 8), it was reported that a G.O.O.D. Music "associate" had committed fraud using a forged Kanye West signature, walking away with an alleged $900,000 for a performance that wasn't actually going to happen. It was later revealed that Malik Yusef is the alleged perpetrator behind the fraud, although he has since denied any intent to commit identity theft.

"Me and Kanye we got a foundation together," Yusef told TMZ. He claimed that Yeezy himself told him to get the performance funded, explaining that he intended to send the money back when he got the impression Ye wasn't actually going to perform. "This is customary for us to do shit like this," he explained. Yusef added that he didn't forge Kanye's signature, instead using a stamp. "This has been in the works, this started last February."


Clearly agitated, Yusef kept reiterating in the video that he wasn't scamming anyone. "Ain't no forgery, dog," he said. "We have a foundation together. I ain't never took nothing from Kanye, not even his name. Barely take his fucking advice." Kanye himself hasn't spoken about the situation as of yet, but in documents obtained by TMZ, a signature for both Yusef and Ye were present.

Yusef has also been defending himself on Twitter, claiming innocence. A representative for Kanye, meanwhile, has said, "Malik Yusef is certainly in no position to negotiate a deal, receive money, or forge Kanye's signature or sign any contracts on his behalf."