Though it pains me to say this, I am still not presently in a position to type out the words LIL UZI VERT GIFTS TROUBLED PLANET WITH ETERNAL ATAKE. However, there's reason to believe the repeatedly teased but otherwise entirely mysterious new batch of 666ness from Uzi is indeed imminent. In keeping with the theme, however, Uzi isn't quite ready to spill.

Over the weekend, an apparent studio clip was shared by @tj_4l__ before promptly being reposted by Uzi fan accounts.

From there, we were given a prompt update from Uzi by way of his Instagram Story in which he seemingly refers to the clip by downplaying its newness. "Happy and retired," he told fans, reiterating his previous claims of being "done with music."

Image via Instagram

The Luv Is Rage franchise impresario has been engaged in a similar back-and-forth for quite some time now. While the tentatively titled Eternal Atake was originally believed to be arriving in 2018, admittedly just one year removed from his Luv Is Rage sequel, that year came and went with no signs of the new project aside from the Dolan Beats-produced "New Patek."

Most recently, Uzi suggested the possibility of completely starting over while expressing his desire for greater respect from Atlantic Records. "They just gotta respect because like I respect them, that's the reason why I really went over there," he said earlier this month. Uzi also hinted at some label tension during his verse on Shabazz PBG's single "Shells."

All that aside, it's hard to imagine our 17 months of classroom here on post-Rage 2 planet Earth isn’t soon coming to conclusion with a graduation of the Eternal Atake level.