Lil Pump and Smokepurpp have ignited a suspiciously timed beef.

On Friday morning, Smokepurpp took to Instagram Live to take credit for Pump's earliest songs, including his 2017 massive hit single "Gucci Gang."

"Boy, you better stop playin', n**ga. I wrote and produced all your first songs, n**ga," Smokepurpp said in the broadcast. "[...] Man, listen. I'm not playing with you no more, n**ga. I need all my royalties, man. I need all my money, n**ga [...] 'Gucci Gang,' that was my song, n**ga. I gave you that song. I gave you your first big hit."

Pump fired back at his friend shortly after.

"Smokepurpp, stop playin' with me, man. I created Soundcloud!" Pump said on Instagram. "Purpp, stop f**king playing with me, bro. I'm the first person to introduce you to fucking Ronny J, DJ Carnage, and Travis Scott. Stop playing with me [...] That's my flow, that's my song!" 

Some fans suspect the feud was a publicity stunt for Pump's newly released sophomore album, Harverd Dropout. The long-delayed project finally hit streaming services Thursday night, and boasted guest appearances by Kanye West, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, and Smokepurpp.

Check out reactions to the rappers' "beef" below.

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