It's been a couple of months since EverythingOShauN released his Everything Over Everything Else project, and now the Brampton native is breathing new life into one of the tracks off the release with a music video. 

The release comes at an appropriate time, with trade rumors regarding the song's namesake running rampant this week. The Xpress aka DJXP-produced track "Lowry" has received the visual treatment from Fatty Soprano & Shutter who have worked with OShauN in the past, as well as other notable rappers including Blicky, Speng Squire, and Peter Jackson.

"You don’t have to be getting married to know the symbolism of commitment it comes with," OshauN explains of the song's hook. "Sometimes you aren’t ready, sometimes they are not ready. But one thing for certain is if you look and wait long enough someone will be there to to help you forget."

Check out the "Lowry" video above and revisit EOEE below.