In October of last year, Migos were hit with a lawsuit by rapper M.O.S., real name Leander C. Pickett, who alleged that the trio ripped off his song "Walk It Like I Talk It" with their Culture II song "Walk It Talk It." Now, XXL reports that Quavo says he's never heard of the lawsuit to begin with. "I don't even think that lawsuit hit my table," he explained. "I don't know what you talking about."

The song M.O.S. says sounds like Migos' juggernaut single originally dropped back in 2008, appearing on his mixtape It's Like a Movie. While the two songs sound similar, it's worth pointing out that M.O.S. only filed for copyright for the phrase and song after Migos' song was released. M.O.S. claims the rap trio ripped off a "substantial portion" of his song and is requesting that they no longer perform it live.

“'Walk it, talk it' is a saying from Atlanta," Quavo explained. "It had been a saying since the 2000s. Everybody say 'walk it, talk it.' My grandpa, my uncles and shit say 'walk it, talk it.' Man, that shit's an old saying, man. We been saying 'walk it, talk it.'" It's clear that Quavo isn't sweating the lawsuit, as he just recently dropped $75,000 on a custom diamond pendant and chain for his girlfriend Saweetie. Something tells us he'll be just fine. 


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