Building on the buzz created by his last single, "Easy" (released in the second half of last year), North London singer-songwriter Laville is back with brand new single "Thirty One", which drops January 16 via Acid Jazz Recordings. Ahead of the track's full release, we're sharing the audio so you all know the words in time for his London show tonight. For fans of his previous drops, "Thirty One" will scratch that itch, giving the listener more of those overwhelmingly rich vocals and calming delivery. In terms of the production, Laville's brought in a full band to back him up with some snappy, funk-infused instrumentation as he sings passionately about making it through your own coming of age story. 

Speaking about the track, Laville explained: "'Thirty One' is about love that you know you are ready for, and it is also about knowing who you are and being ok with you. I think its important to understand yourself and your age and to not let that hold you back from doing what you need to be fulfilled."

Catch Laville at his live show tonight at Borderline, London. Grab your ticket here.