Arriving May 3, Fragments is the new album from experimental pop duo Drinker. Leading the charge in the build-up to that is new single "Something I Want", a dissection (as he explains below) of our many addictions in this world, from alcohol and drugs to technology and money. The pained vocals and ice-cold electronics come together to form a stark wake-up, if one were needed, and a reminder that both self-care and a mindfulness of others are more valuable now than ever.

Drinker said of the track: "'Something I Want' was informed by addiction. It details the measures we take as individuals to feel empowered in a society which has spun far away from our ideals and sense of free will. Routinely, we live with a casual disregard for our health and a lustful relationship to our vices and impulses—addiction to our foods, our drugs, our phones, our money. As the messaging from corporate influencers in society gets more and more invasive, the chokehold on who we are gets tighter and our sense of what we want becomes blurred." 

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