Memphis Bleek is the latest person to weigh in on Dame Dash's appearance on Nick Cannon's Cannon's Class podcast. After 50 Cent and Funkmaster Flex have already taken Dash to task for insinuating things about JAY-Z's relationship with Foxy Brown, former Roc-A-Fella rhymer Memphis Bleek used his insider perspective to say that Dash was lying about not associating with R. Kelly in the past.

The question of whether Dame worked with JAY-Z and Kelly on their collabs came up after Cannon copped to making a song with the embattled singer. The host began to say "y'all worked with him" before Dame cut in. 

"Not y'all. Don't put me in that. Ain't no Roc-A-Fella on that," he said. 

Dash went on to say that he had to remain silent about Kelly's assault allegations and history with underaged partners because of Dame's relationship with Aaliyah. 

"I remember having the conversation with Aaliyah. And I was like 'Yo, tell me what happened.' And she was like 'uh.' She just couldn't," Dame said. "What you think I felt? I'm human, bro. I had to look the other way. All these years. Publicly, that man did a record with that n*gga that raped my girl, that he liked as well. But no one said nothing."

Bleek said on his podcast D'Usse Friday that Dame is lying to give himself distance from R. Kelly's actions.

"Everybody know I fucks with Dame Dash. This is my guy, Roc-A-Fella history. But somebody gotta tell him he's bugging." he said. "You bugging. And then you gonna really say you wasn't down with n***as? You was opposed to it?"

Bleek put his feelings in no uncertain terms, saying that Bleek was "fucking lying" when he said he wasn't involved with JAY-Z and R. Kelly's work together.


Bleek also noted that his own opinions on R. Kelly had changed, but he didn't go so far as Dash and other celebs have in the wake of Surviving R. Kelly. Still, he believes something has to be done about the singer's troubling history.

"I don't wish jail on nobody. Jail is not a place I wish for my worst enemy, nothing," he said. "But they gotta find somewhere to keep R. Kelly." 

Give a listen to the whole podcast below. The Dame Dash talk starts around the 4:15 mark.


The R. Kelly aside isn't the only thing that perked up the rap world's ears after Dame's interview. 50 Cent and Funkmaster Flex both went after him after he tried to put space between himself and a potentially inappropriate relationship between Foxy Brown and JAY-Z. 

"Did I sign her?" Dame responded. "It seems like you got a question for JAY. Ask him, don't ask me his questions. Y'all keep asking me what y'all wanna ask him, because he ain't here. Ask him. I ain't got shit to do with that, and I don't even know nothing about that. And now I don't even wanna remember nothin' about that."

Fif didn't appreciate Dame's comments and aired his frustrations on Twitter.