Nick Cannon isn't afraid to stir up controversy. On a recent episode of Cannon's Class, the multi-hyphenate sat down with Dame Dash to discuss a wide range of topics. One of the most talked-about moments occurred at toward the end of the interview, when Cannon brought up the longstanding rumors about JAY-Z and Foxy Brown.

"At what age was Foxy Brown signed?" Cannon asked (1:02:00).

The Roc-a-Fella co-founder was quick to defend himself and seemed to know exactly where the conversation was heading: "I wasn't paying attention to Foxy Brown. I didn't sign Foxy Brown, stop putting me in that [...] Don't beat around the bush. Say what you want to say."

It was clear that Cannon wanted to address the whispers that JAY had dated Foxy when she was still underage. 

"I thought Fox was like 16, that's all I'm saying," the Wild 'n Out host said. 

"Did I sign her?" Dame responded. "It seems like you got a question for JAY. Ask him, don't ask me his questions. Ya'll keep asking me ya'll wanna ask him, because he ain't here. Ask him. I ain't got shit to do with that, and I don't even know nothing about that. And now I don't even wanna remember nothin' about that."

"If she did get signed at 16, so what? What are you sayin'?" Dame asked.

"You tryin' to get me to go deeper," the host responded. "When I was first introduced to who Foxy was, I thought there was something between Foxy and JAY."

"It would be so out of my character to speak on another man's business," Dame said about JAY, with whom he has publicly feuded. 

You can check out the full interview—in which they also discuss the R. Kelly sexual abuse scandal—above.

50 Cent responded to Dame's comment on social media, calling the Roc-a-Fella co-founder a "sucker" for trying to stir up drama around JAY. 

The situation escalated after Funk Flex co-signed Fif's comments:

"What the next man dick got do with y'all," Funk asked Cannon. "FOXY smart and always wanted to get ahead and always lied about her age [...] y'all pieces of s**t. She never told truth abut her age."

Flex then accused Dame of backstabbing JAY by dating the late Aaliyah.

"@Nickcannon know that was Jayz [sic] girl first," Flex wrote. "[...] That why ROC crumbled, [Dame] was touching Jayz chick."

Cannon then challenged Flex to walk the walk: "We MEN, that don't turn a blind eye to suck s**t! Tell @FunkFlex to set it up and we can do whatever he scared to do. I'm done talking."