Khia isn't done with Pierre "Pee" Thomas.

On Tuesday, Khia hopped on social media to blast the Quality Control boss for using her 2002 hit single, "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)." The record is sampled on City Girls' "Fuck Dat N***a," which landed on QC's 2017 compilation project Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1. Khia claimed the label sampled her material without permission and that she was not properly compensated for its use. "Pee" was quick to pull out the receipts, posting a letter that indicated QC had paid $10,000 for the sample.

The letter states E1, Memory Lane, and Third Slide confirmed the payment. Khia dismissed the receipts, insisting "Pee" should've paid her directly.

"Y'all like to give a n***a their money. Why couldn't you be a real n***a and call the queen and say, 'Queen, I wanna sample your s**t. I got these new, little young girls, I wanna sample your s**t. Here you go,'" Khia said on Instagram Live. "You got all this money. You n***as so rich, and I'm so poor [...] Why the f**k you ain't call me and say, 'Queen, it ain't nothin'. Get this money. I wanna sample your voice, your s**t. I look, I seen you a publisher on this [song], you own copyright, you own the publishing to a percentage of this song. Here go your money."

She continued: "You let them n***as fool you into think [the song] was theirs. It ain't theirs. They don't own it by themselves [...] They ain't tell you, Khia own half of the song, too. You got to pay her too.' You need to call me and pay me, too [...] Where's the money, b***h n***a. Call me about my s**t, 'cause you using my s**t and my voice on your song to make your little hoes hot."

"Pee" responded to Khia's most recent claims on social media, simply writing: "Ignorance at its finest. Let's stop promoting foolishness."


Oop! #Pee stepped into #TheShaderoom with a clapback 👀 #Khia

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