Atlanta rapper ILoveMakonnen made his return this month with the release of the Gucci Mane-featuring "Spendin." The former OVO artist hasn't had the best time following his exit from the label, losing his close friend Lil Peep, but he's on something of an upswing again now. In a new interview with Real 92.3 LA, Makonnen opened up about Peep, coming out as gay, and what led to his relationship with Drake becoming strained. 

At the 6:30 mark in the interview, he said when he was signed to OVO some people found old tweets of his that were disparaging toward Drake. Not long after that, a former crew member hacked Makonnen's Tumblr. "There was another time when my account got hacked by somebody and they said, 'Fuck OVO, fuck this, fuck that.' ... I ain't gotta make no excuses up, somebody really was out here trying...they wasn't rolling with the crew no more type of shit." 

He added that it was someone getting into his Tumblr, which was linked with Twitter and other social networks, who was pushing the comments to sites other than Tumblr. "We all good now, I mean I ain't on the label no more but it's all love," he said. From there, he explained the hack wasn't the direct cause of the deterioration of his relationship with OVO, but it certainly didn't help. "You know how shit already kinda rub you sideways, and then like you would never got to talk about [it], we would never patch it up and it's just like...Akademiks start making videos and shit." 

When asked what his last conversation with Drake was like, Makonnen remained vague. "I would communicate with Drake on music shit, we never really got to talk about business," he explained. "Drake busy 'bout his business." Catch up on the history of their complicated relationship here.