5 Boldest Moments From Soulja Boy's Revelatory 'Breakfast Club' Interview

Soulja came through for one of the most memorable 'Breakfast Club' interviews in a long time.


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As you surely know by now, Soulja Boy very recently stopped by The Breakfast Club headquarters for an hourlong interview practically bursting at the seams with quotables.

The interview arrives at an opportune time for the underrated innovator. In recent weeks, he's claimed the distinction of 2018's biggest comeback and informed B2K fans that the group desperately needs to "cut that check" so he can be added to their nostalgic Millennium Tour.

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At just under 55 minutes in length, Soulja's Breakfast Club debut may seem like a daunting video to get through right in the middle of another shoddy workday. In that spirit, we've taken it upon ourselves to round up five of Soulja's boldest claims from the interview, an assortment that of course includes his extended thoughts on Trump-era Kanye West.

Kanye West Is "Lame" Now

In 2019, there’s a lot to criticize about Kanye, even for longtime devoted fans like myself. Soulja agrees. "You ain't Walt Disney," he said during his Breakfast Club interview in reference to the G.O.O.D. Music founder's previous self-likening to Steve Jobs and Disney. "You ain't none of that, bruh."

Now, Soulja added later during the Kanye-centered portion of the chat, West has entered a period of full-blown lameness. "I'm younger than you," he noted. "I'm flyer than you, n***a. Whatever. You crying on Twitter every week about Drake? You gotta stop that shit, bruh. You look lame, bruh. You look cap, bruh . . . You up here supporting Trump and shit, bruh. You supporting Trump? What the fuck wrong with you, bruh? That shit's not right."

He Taught Drake Everything He Knows

Deeper into the interview, Soulja did indeed lay claim to some of Drake's success. Specifically, he noted the heavy Soulja vibes (i.e. "What's Hannenin'") of Drake's opening lines from his 2010 "Miss Me" single.

"Drake? Drake? The n***a that got bodied by Pusha-T?" Soulja said when the Breakfast Club team started comparing Meek Mill and Soulja Boy comebacks. "The n***a that's hiding his kid from the world but the world wanna hide from his kid? Y'all n***as better stop playin' with me . . . Stop playing me like I ain't teach Drake everything he knows. He copied my whole fucking flow! Word for word, bar for bar."

It's worth noting, however, that others have pointed to the flow similarity in question as arguably dating back a bit further than that:

It’s hilarious that Soulja Boy is talking down on Drake for stealing his flow when Soulja stole the same flow from Shawty Lo on “I’m Da Man” 🤔 https://t.co/5vrlNfTJeH

— Brendan Frederick (@bfred) January 16, 2019

Mill later chimed in, crediting Soulja's interview for helping him achieve a solid start to the day.

This #BigDraco interview started my day off right!!!! 😂 today gone be a good day!

— MeekMill (@MeekMill) January 16, 2019

He Was the First Artist to Bring Migos to L.A.

Speaking of matters of Drakeness, Soulja earlier in the interview gave some intel on the creation of Migos' Drake-featuring "Versace" single. "Migos always been my brothers though," Soulja said after discussing a brief issue he had with Lil Yachty. "I flew them to L.A. I was the first rapper that flew them to L.A. They stayed in my house."

As for "Versace," which features Soulja in the video and not Drake, the Zaytoven-produced beat is how Migos and Soulja first became acquainted. "I was in the 'Versace' video," he said. "Drake wasn't even there. He was on the song. Drake ain't even show up. I love the Migos. They'd tell you that shit . . . The Migos, that beat, 'Versace,' that was my beat! That was my beat. Go on YouTube and type in 'Soulja Boy Teach Me How to Swag Pt. 2.' It got three, four, five million views on that same beat. Zaytoven gave us the same beat. That’s how me and Migos met."

All Record Labels Owe Him

Soulja's influence, despite the detractors, is pretty inarguable. It's wild to think back to 2007, the year of "Crank That," only to realize many artists in 2019 are now following a promo method Soulja spearheaded.

By Soulja's estimation, this influence should result in way more respect. "They laughed at me," Soulja told Charlamagne and company. "They said I killed hip-hop and now they doing exactly like I did and I'm being shunned upon. I'm the reason y'all doing this. I'm the reason why all these artists have social media. Y'all should thank me. Every artist in the game, all y'all record labels, y'all owe me five percent, bro. ... Y'all gon' respect it."

He Wants to Cut a Track With Tyga

Though Soulja didn't take back his previous comments on having a stronger comeback year than Tyga (or, as he suggested here, Meek Mill), he did say he was looking forward to one day collaborating with the "Taste" maker

"I love Tyga," he said. "I can't wait to do a record with him but, at the same time, you ain't have no biggest comeback, bruh."

Tyga x Soulja collab tape soon come? Let's get Shia on it.

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