UPDATED 1:20 p.m. ET: Cardi has promptly responded to reports of a legal filing against Quality Control management, calling the reports—which began with a piece from The Blast—"BIG FUCKIN LIES." In an Instagram post that lasted less than an hour before deletion, she went on: "wow! This is sooo scary who come up with this? Don’t ya know we family! Anyways TWERK record is #29 on billboards and Offset album coming soon and is beautiful."

In court documents obtained by Complex, Cardi made a cross-claim indemnifying herself against the claims and shifting responsibility to Quality Control and the hotel. No suit was filed against QC. In layman's term, Cardi is denying liability in the cross-claim and does not plan to pay if the court sides with the plaintiff.

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The Blast is claiming Cardi B has reportedly countersued Quality Control in connection with allegations that an "autograph hound" was beaten up by bodyguards last year.

At least according to a report published by The Blast Wednesday, Cardi's legal team has reportedly asked for the claims against her to be thrown out, arguing that any alleged "wrongful conduct" was the fault of Quality Control management and the Mark Hotel in New York City.

Additionally, the latest news on the supposed legal back-and-forth claims that Cardi's team has asked for any possible judgment given to Arnold to be funded by Quality Control.

According to the alleged "freelance autograph hound" Giovanni Arnold's original claim, three bodyguards for Cardi and Offset beat him up outside the Mark Hotel in May 2018. All parties were previously sued by Arnold. In July, the Mark Hotel reportedly blamed Cardi B and Offset for the alleged incident with a countersuit of their own in which they argued that Cardi and Offset should be burdened with the payment of any possible judgment in Arnold's favor.

Presumed headache of all this aside, 2019 has already been a strong one for Cardi. In addition to being up for multiple top honors (including Album of the Year) at next month's Grammy Awards ordeal, she's also been inspiringly vocal about Trump idiocy and even made history earlier this week in Vegas.  

With her renditions of "Bickenhead" and more at the 36th Adult Video News Awards, Cardi became the first woman to ever perform at the annual honoring of adult film accomplishments.