Blueface is the next big thing. He has said it himself, numerous times, on songs like “Famous Cryp” and the admirably straightforward “Next Big Thing.”

The 22-year-old L.A. rapper, born Jonathan Porter, has been on a meteoric rise since the fourth quarter of 2018, when both his face and his unconventional rapping style took over social media. To many, his cadence—skittering and almost comical—doesn’t fit neatly into the current (or past) landscape of hip-hop. But that’s exactly what makes him so interesting.

Now, let’s get into everything you need to know about Blueface. After watching hours of radio interviews and going further back into his Instagram history than any rapper I’ve ever researched, I can confidently say that these are the 10 most important things to know about Blueface, before he takes off.