From T.I. voicing his support to 21 Savage dedicating a portion of his Rolling Loud set to the couple's reconciliation, Offset's apology tour has had more guest appearances than a Drake album. The latest artist to plead on Offset's behalf is West Coast heavyweight The Game

In a post, the known Instagram instigator uploaded a video with an excessively long caption that detailed why the two should settle their differences. 


When I 1st seen the blogs posting bout offset, I felt like A-Wax in #Menace2Society “Not my nigga”..... then I seen that Cardi called it quits & talks of divorce start circling the net & I was like fuckkkkkk. 1, cause it’s a few couples out here that these young people really be rooting for.. for example: Hov & Bey, Savannah & Bron, Kobe & Vanessa, Melo & La La & as of late, Cardi & Offset. Yea I know, my nigga fucked up but we’re all human & trust me when I say... there are niggas out here doing wayyyyy worse shit to their girl than just entertaining a few hoes via texts. Now I don’t know all the dynamics between you two nor does anyone else on the internet, but what I do know is you guys look great together & with the marriage & addition of your beautiful baby girl... it’s only right you guys re-unite immediately for the good of you guys family unit. I feel like these days, relationships, the family environment of old is slowly fading away & you guys amongst others n the ones I named above serve as super dope examples for this new generation of growing couples to remain solid & really stay true to those wedding vows “TIL DEATH DO US PART”. Now these are only my thoughts & maybe I’m just rambling to some but I don’t care. I’m 100% positive all three of you guys will be happier this holiday season if you spend it in each other’s presence. Especially with it being your baby’s 1st Christmas. We all make mistakes... it is the men who learn & grow from them that become the old wise heads of big families in the future #HappyHolidays 🙏🏾

A post shared by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on Dec 15, 2018 at 5:32pm PST

Throughout the video, The Game referred back to the two themes that have been the basis for this movement since it began. The first is that although he is guilty of entertaining women, Offset did not actually sleep with them as alleged. The second point is that it is the holiday season. Offset apologists are wondering what kind of monster would Bardi be if she let her cheating husband spend Christmas alone?

This video closes out a weekend in which Offset spared no expense in trying to win back his wife, even going as far as to ambush her on stage with flowers and an apology.