As a last-minute nod to the art of generosity, prolific producers Pi'erre Bourne and Cardo have gifted fans with a new collab project.



A post shared by Yo Pi’erre (@pierrebourne) on Dec 25, 2018 at 8:23pm PST

The 14-track Pi'erre & Cardo's Wild Adventure arrived via SoundCloud overnight. The bulk of the tracks were recorded on Christmas Eve. In the SoundCloud description, Bourne teased that the fourth entry in his The Life of Pi'erre series is up next. Below, peep the wild and adventurous Wild Adventure tracklist.

For now, stream the project below via SoundCloud. Per Bourne, Apple Music and other streaming services will soon have the project added to their respective catalogs.

Speaking with Complex last month about everything from Kanye West's "Yikes' to sending a pack of beats over to JAY-Z's team, Cardo sprinkled in some teasery about his upcoming album. For Cardo, simply following the usual approach to the format isn't an option.

"Everybody can do an album, but I want mine to be like an actual story," he said. "I know it seems kind of impossible—like, how the hell you're gonna do that with other artists? But I'm learning the concepts of what I want to do with this album and putting it together piece by piece. It's gon' work out like I want it to work out."

That album, described as "Michael Myers at the beach," will apparently feature something nice from the OutKast family. "I'm gonna just say it and put it out there: André 3000's on my album," he said.