Most kids ask for toys or video games for Christmas. Meek's son Papi, however, made it very clear that he only wants one thing this holiday his father to get married.

Papi's wishes became public on Monday (Dec. 4) while his father was conducting a question and answer during the holiday toy drive he sponsored in his old North Philadelphia neighborhood. After explaining to the press his motives behind donating $100K worth of toys to children at the Martin Luther King, Jr. recreational center, Meek asked his son to tell the media what he wanted his dad to buy him for Christmas. Catching the perfectly thrown pass, Papi took the moment to hit both his father and the news anchors with an unexpected response.

"For you to get married," Papi responded into the microphones. This answer was met with much laughter and led to the question of "who the lucky lady" could be. Meek let it be known that this was the first time he heard this request from his son. 

"I don't know who the lucky lady is. This the first time I heard that," Meek said before turning to Papi and asking, "Didn't you tell me you wanted an Xbox joystick for Christmas?"

Aside from this funny father/son moment, it should be noted that Meek and his family provided gifts for more than 3,000 children. The gifts ranged from sneakers to bikes and Xboxes.


This is a picture of Meek.
Image via Meek Mill Toy Drive
This is a picture of Meek Mill.
Image via Meek Mill Toy Drive

Meek and the Dreamchasers gave these gifts to students selected from the Philadelphia schools of James G Blaine, Richard R Wright, Edward Gideon, Roberto Clemente, William D Kelley, and the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center as well as children that are involved with the Unity in the Community and Dare 2 Hope organizations.