Meek Mill has been opening up and confessing on Twitter in the weeks following the release of Championships. His latest revelation is his reaction to hearing Drake's hit diss, "Back to Back," in a party. Meek Mill tweeted that he wanted to "green light" the DJ every time the track came on. ("Green light" is often slang for ordering a hit on somebody.)

Of course, Meek Mill's animosity with Drake is behind him heading into the new year. The Philadelphian performed at Drake's Aubrey & the Three Migos Boston stop in September, symbolizing their beef's end. Drake also popped up as a feature on Championships' "Going Bad." For his part, Drake has long stopped performing "Back to Back" at shows. He pledged to scrub the song from his set list during a 2016 New Year's Eve party at Las Vegas' Hakkasan.

“If people do the most left field, fucked up shit to try and tear you down, you still gotta win no matter what. That’s the whole key about this shit," He said at the performance. “So I’m gonna do this song, and this is the last time I’m ever going to do this song.”

The "left field" mess Drake refers to is Meek Mill accusing Drake of ghostwriting in 2015. Drake responded with the one-two punch of "Charged Up" followed by the more popular "Back to Back," which jabbed at Meek's character and being overshadowed by his then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj ("Is that a world tour or your girl's tour?"). In 2018, Drake and Meek Mill are cool enough to play ping-pong.

In non-Drake related news, Meek Mill spent Saturday hanging out with Brooklyn greats Fabolous and JAY-Z, who gifted him with a Roc-A-Fella chain. "Jawn like 36 Grammys," an undoubtedly hyped Meek Mill said on his Instagram story. Peep the images below.

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JAY-Z last night with Fabolous and Meek Mill in New York City

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