All's fair in love and rap war, according to Meek Mill.

During an appearance on Power 105's The Angie Martinez Show, the Philadelphia MC addressed the beef between Pusha-T and his former rival Drake. Martinez brought up the fact that many people believed King Push went too low during the exchange, as he took shots involving Drizzy's parents, friends, and then-secret child. Meek insisted Push didn't cross the line because, well, there is no line. 

"Ain't no such thing as going too hard; I would tell Drake that when I see him," he said at the 14:10 mark. "I'm just telling you I come from [a place] where n***as is sayin', 'We smoke your mom' [...] 'Your dad is a rat. Your sister's a hoe. Your grand-mama's on crack.' That's how this game came up. This is what it is."

Meek went on to say that he knows first-hand how ruthless hip-hop can be, especially in the age of social media.

"They got memes, all types of shit going on. I don't know what to do. I'm in the mix; I'm confused now," he explained. "Ain't no rules, though [...] You can take any stance you want, you can do it how you want. Just, you know, continue your legacy and be great. We're going to see all at the end—five years from now, 10 years from now—who is going to continue to be great. We're gonna have some shootouts sometimes, you know what I mean? But as long as you make it home, that's all that matters at the end of the night."

Earlier in the interview, Meek clarifies a detail in his JAY-Z and Beyoncé double-date story. He previously said it was Drake's "Back to Back" that was playing during the awkward situation; however, Meek told Martinez that it was another Drake cut.

"It was 'Jumpman,' but it felt like 'Back to Back,' 'cause the fuckin' beef was so intense," he said at the 11:03 mark. 

Meek explained that he texted JAY shortly after he shared the double date story, and that Hov insisted it wasn't "Back to Back" that played.

"He said, 'I had 'Jumpman' on my playlist ... I wouldn't be listening to that if [I was hanging with] you," Meek said. "That's like me ridin' around bangin' a JAY-Z diss right now. And then I thought about it and was, like, 'Well, if that was 'Jumpman,' that shit felt like 'Back to Back.'"

Check out the full interview above.