If nothing else, at least 2019 is bringing us a new Lana Del Rey album with a perfect title.

Wednesday night, Lana Del Rey was among the artists who contributed their live prowess to the 5th annual Ally Coalition Talent Show. Lana was joined by recent collaborator (and Ally Coalition co-founder) Jack Antonoff to run through a pair of previously unreleased tracks that she rather accurately described as country. "Me and Jack wrote a couple of country songs just for fun, so we thought we'd play them," Lana told attendees, per Billboard.

Clips of the tentatively titled "Hey Blue Baby"and "I Must Be Stupid for Being So Happy," both of which will most likely not appear on the new Norman Fucking Rockwell album, can be found below. Lana also performed confirmed Norman Fucking Rockwell cuts "Venice Bitch" and "How to Disappear."

Someone was kind enough to also upload a pair of clips to YouTube, which you can now enjoy below:

Earlier that same day, MTV UK ran a report citing Norman Fucking Rockwell's release date as Mar. 29. Though this date hasn't been publicly shared by Lana herself, it makes a lot of sense and has been whispered about for some time now.

Lana's most recent studio album was Lust for Life back in 2017. As you already know by now, that album was a fucking thrill and you should definitely be revisiting it daily ahead of Norman Fucking Rockwell's debut.