Among the more noticeable of omissions in the 2019 Grammys nominees list is J. Cole's KOD.

The 12-track album, though it garnered acclaim upon its release back on 4/20, was absent from the Best Rap Album and related categories. In fact, Cole's only nominations for the Oct. 1, 2017 to Sept. 30, 2018 voting period are for his collabs with 6lack and Miguel.

Fans and fellow artists alike have taken note, all chiming in to argue that the album was more than impactful enough to warrant the Best Rap Album mention. Wale, who's now collaborated with Cole on multiple occasions, also gave the album a shoutout following the announcement of the 2019 nominees.

KOD has re-entered the discussion as publications start dropping their annual year-end rankings of the "best" albums and songs, including Complex's own top 10. The KOD era also gave us that pretty damn compelling sit-down with Lil Pump.