Some things in life, if not many things in life, simply do not matter. Despite the importance with which these things are discussed, they simply fail to contain within them the slightest semblance of anything even tangentially related to urgency. This article about Drake and Nicki Minaj apparently no longer following each other on Instagram is one of those things.

Though it likely points to no deeper meaning, some people with enough free time on their hands that one would think they'd be kind enough to share have decided to make a big deal out of this possibly recent (???) mutual state of not following. Of course, it's not currently clear when this state of unfollowing was initiated, nor will it ever be.

Like I said, none of this matters, but let's look in on a few people who are undeniably talented at pretending that it so does matter:

Whatever the reason is for this nonevent, we could do a lot worse than ending this article with a quick summary of what Drake and Minaj and have been up to in recent months. Drake, whose Scorpion album is all over the charts in Apple Music's year-end rankings, recently dropped in for guest verse duties on Meek Mill's Championships album. Minaj, meanwhile, just dropped her new video for "Good Form" featuring Cash Money boss Lil Wayne and is also enjoying some strong showings on streaming's year-end round-ups.