Post Malone is a huge fan of Olive Garden, even going so far as to take Jimmy Fallon there so they could both experience what is undoubtedly his favorite casual dining establishment. Word of Post's appreciation for the finer things in life apparently reached Dennis Rodman, who wanted to give him an early Christmas present.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Rodman approaches Post, telling him that he got him a little something for the holidays. "I had to put it in my sock or I'll lose it," Rodman joked. Stunned, Post takes the gift card only to notice it's for Olive Garden, to which he simply responds, "You didn't have to do that man." Clearly a little overwhelmed by the gesture, Post gave Rodman a huge hug to thank him for the $25 gift card.

Dennis Rodman, always the enigma, recently hit up St. Louis rapper Smino on Instagram out of the blue, too. Sending through a heart to the rapper, Smino responded, "Was good OG." Rodman, in a way only he knows how, asked, "Working. On. Music. U. Down. ?" 

So not only does Post Malone have a trip to Olive Garden in the near future to look forward to, but we also have a potential collaboration between Rodman and Smino to get excited about. Well, maybe that's putting it generously. What a world we live in.