Snoop Dogg was chilling in his hotel in Washington D.C. on Tuesday when he suddenly got the urge to go to the White House and do some "gangster shit." Snoop hopped on Instagram to see if his followers could help him choose from his options, which included pissing on a tree, shitting on the lawn, or smoking a blunt. 

Snoop ended up going to a park close to the White House, and you guessed it, smoked a blunt. While sitting on a bench, the Long Beach native briefly spoke with a passerby and ran into some of his fans, who asked to take a picture with him. 

Snoop ended the series of Instagram videos by posting up on another park, smoking a blunt, and capping off the experience by saying, "Fuck the President." A very on-brand move for a guy who has made no secret about his feelings towards Donald Trump. However, back in April, Snoop vowed to take a different approach with Trump since he believed the hate was only fueling and his supporters.

"[I] threw a few shots at him, but I felt like that was going nowhere fast, because he loves that," Snoop said on the TV One show Uncensored. "Let me leave him alone and put some peace in the world, and put some love in the world, and not focus on him […] just unite people of all walks of life—be the anti of what he is." Considering some of the things he has done in the past, a "Fuck the President" is pretty tame.