An Atlanta rapper has created an extensive tweet thread inspired by Michael Jackson's love for red shirts. And the world is much better for it.

G-BABY GVVAAN began the series of tweets in November 2017, when he posted MJ's awkward family portrait with Paris, Prince, and—you guessed it—a bright red button-up.

"Me and my girlfriend (@_krystallion) were having intense levels of 'woke chat' around this time last year and she pulled up the first picture in the thread and was like, 'These are not his fucking kids,'" GVVAAN told Complex. "So I posted that picture where I captioned 'Ain't No Way' and it got some light love from my timeline. After that I could'’t figure out why I never saw that picture before so we went into a Google search frenzy, and to our surprise we found the promise land of the Michael Jackson Red Shirt Hall of Fame."

GVVAAN was overcome with inspiration. He then shared more shots of Michael rocking his signature look, accompanied by some entertaining commentary. GVVAAN quickly noticed a pattern:

The thread grew increasingly hilarious as it evolved into a parody of MJ's internal dialogue. 

"The initial continuance of the thread was just me and her going back and forth from Google to my Twitter drafts making up hilariously plausible scenarios to accompany these outrageous moments that have went unscathed in meme culture,"GVVAAN explained. "So the only rule was 'He has to have on a red shirt' and I'd usually just type up a joke and show her then she would help me edit them down to consumable level for Twitter."

Here are some other gems:

And look who else made his way into the thread: Flex Alexander, the star of Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story biopic.

God bless the internet. 

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