Fresh off a performance at M for Montreal last week, Kris the $pirit is showing no signs of slowing with the release of both a new video and a mixtape today. "LEMONADE," the video for which can be seen above, was first heard in its audio form on The Strombo Show and is the lead single off THE PRANA, the mixtape out via Make it Rain Records. 

This new mixtape marks an interlude between his debut album Spirit Mode Vol.1 and his sophomore project, to be released in 2019. The compilation of nine tracks brings back the same vibe and energy as on Spirit Mode Vol.1, and also features appearances by Speng Squire and Hoodies at Night. "THE PRANA is my story," Kris shares in a statement. "THE PRANA is your life force energy. Music for me is therapeutic to say the least. It's my way of releasing energies whether it be negative or positive."

Kris the $pirit will also be performing in Toronto on November 28 at the Drake Underground, so if you want to exprience THE PRANA live then be sure to grab a ticket