Making his TV debut, J.I.D brought his excellent "Skrawberries" (taken from the equally excellent DiCaprio 2) to the Tonight Show.

On Wednesday night's episode of the late night Jimmy-hosted program, J.I.D was joined by Thundercat and BJ the Chicago Kid for a performance they dedicated to their "brother" Mac Miller. "Seeing your dreams come true right in front of your eyes is a tricky thing," J.I.D told fans ahead of the performance being aired. "I can't do anything but thank my creator, my family, my team, and my supporters."

Speaking with Rolling Stone on all things DiCaprio 2 earlier this week, J.I.D credited Mac Miller with helping "Skrawberries" reach the finish line after a years-long journey. "Even on the song with BJ, it was a whole like the beat was still punchy," he said. "He [Mac Miller] dropped the whole hook. He dropped the whole hook and made that shit sound like you fall into a pocket of fucking cloud or some shit."

During a separate extended chat with Complex earlier this month, J.I.D elaborated on the intentionally cinematic vibes found on DiCaprio 2 and how they're a signal for his goals moving forward. "I think my change is going to be boss-level-up shit, and I'm going to be doing movie shit," he said. "That's why I did DiCaprio. That's why all this shit is film-based."

With that in mind, be sure to give DiCaprio 2 plenty of spins as 2018 comes to a close.