It appears Kanye West and 6ix9ine have developed somewhat of a friendship—a friendship Chuck D finds confusing.

While at LAX this weekend, the legendary rapper spoke to TMZ about the recent drive-by shooting that involved 'Ye, 6ix9ine, and Nicki Minaj. The incident reportedly went down Thursday night outside a Beverly Hills mansion, where the rappers were filming a music video. Though there were no reported injuries, surveillance footage obtained by TMZ underscored the gravity of the situation.

Chuck D vaguely referenced 6ix9ine's past legal troubles, and advised the "FEFE" rapper to make better choices; and he could start by surrounding himself with people who set good examples. Chuck D suggested Kanye was not one of these people.

"What is an older person hanging with a younger person anyway? Either you help the younger person, or you just gotta stay outta that," Chuck D told TMZ. "[...] It ain't the kid's fault. When you're the older person and you can't even guide a younger person or you don't even have the wisdom to have them pick up on it, then you’ve just got to stay out of that."

You can hear Chuck's full comments in the video above. 

Authorities are continuing to investigate the Thursday night shooting; no arrests have been made.