Drake vs. Pusha-TTory Lanez vs. Joyner LucasEminem vs. Machine Gun. It's no secret 2018 was a busy year for rap battles.

And now, as the year comes to a close, Cardi B has get in on the action. 

On Tuesday night, the Invasion of Privacy rapper hit up Instagram to issue a rap battle challenge. And, no, it wasn't to her former foe Nicki Minaj (could you imagine?); she actually proposed the challenge to the father of her child, Offset.

We obviously don't expect the rappers to exchange scathing bars; however, this is far from a friendly wager. Cardi outlined the terms of the battle in her Instagram post, stating the loser is required to fund all the holiday decorations this year—for all their homes. 

"Whoever loses gotta buy all the Christmas decorations, all of them,” Cardi said. "The [house] in New York, the one in Atlanta, too. What's up? Are you scared? Of wifey, hmm?"

Offset later went on his Instagram story to accept his wife's challenge. "You're on baby," he said. "I accept your challenge on the TikTok app. Let's rap it up." 

Fans can check out the challenge at noon ET this Wednesday via the TikTok app. 

Weeks after the battle goes down, Offset will release his debut solo project on Dec. 14, his 27th birthday. Cardi confirmed the drop date on social media: