Joseph Kahn won't be working with Kanye West any time in the near future. The music video director behind famous clips like Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" trashed the rapper and his wife for being harmful to culture as a whole. 

"I find the Kanye/Kardashian culture so -- to me it's hand in hand with the Trump world," Kahn said in an interview with Business Insider. "There's a lack of thought that's masquerading as thought. It's using the power of brand as the power of thought. And if anything, I'm so immersed in the power of brands, I try to put thought in the brands and I don't see thought going on there. I just see crazy people flinging around and just trying to make money and call it thought."

Of course, 2018 Kanye probably wouldn't take offense at being associated with Donald Trump. West is as self-conscious as ever, but he's traded in his watches for MAGA hats. The Bodied director said that he doesn't want to be affiliated with that, in spite of the money and reach that would come along with making a video for 'Ye.

"I choose who I want to work with," Kahn said. "I have to be very careful what to use my skill set for. Everybody loves to make money, obviously, everybody loves to be comfortable, but you also have to be careful what you put out there. Look, I make silly music videos for a living, but I just want to make sure that I'm being responsible with the power that I've been given."

Check out the whole interview over at Business Insider.