We’re assuming Lana Del Rey worked on some sort of collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly, thanks to a short clip she posted to her Instagram on Tuesday tagging the rapper. In the clip we can hear Kelly rap over a very soft Lana-esque beat. Check it out below.

Lana and MGK were also spotted in the studio together working on the same track teased on IG. 

The collaboration is causing some fans to pause and ask important questions like...why? Lana has worked with a number of rappers in the past, including ASAP Rocky and Playboi Carti, so this collab honestly sound about right. Still people are sharing their doubts while others defend the future release.   

There are rumors circulating Reddit that this could be a combined diss track effort, where they attack G-Eazy, who has ongoing beef with MGK and is Lana’s ex. There’s also a rumor that it could be a joint attempt to diss Eminem, who has a bad history with both artists, but there isn’t much info to back that up. Perhaps Lana could even come through with some bars aimed at her new nemesis Azealia Banks.  

But the clip LDR shares on Instagram sounds much more like a track about relationships. “Look, this is gonna end bad for you,” Kelly raps. “I’m gonna go mad for you/I know you wanna be bad for me/But I don’t wanna move too fast for you.”

Lana announced her new album Norman Fucking Rockwell, which arrives in 2019, after dropping “Venice Bitch” and “Mariner’s Apartment Complex.”

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