It’s no secret that Famous Dex knows how to hype up a crowd; however, that ability apparently comes with safety risks.

While performing at UC-Irvine’s annual Shocktoberfest on Friday, the Chicago-born rapper decided it would be a good idea to jump into the crowd. Though this kind of stunt is quite common during live performances, Dex’s audience became so excited that they immediately rushed the stage, prompting organizers to abruptly end the event.

“University police on site declared it was a dangerous situation,” UC-Irvine spokesman Tom Vasich told the Los Angeles Times, “so they turned on the lights and canceled the rest of the show.”

Vasich confirmed two students were arrested for intoxication, but the audience evacuated the venue “in an orderly fashion.” It was clear that the chaos had officially calmed down—that is, until a crowd of concertgoers swarmed Dex’s vehicle outside the arena.

Video posted to social media shows the rapper telling fans to get away from his car. After some refused to back off, we see Dex lean out of his seat wielding what appears to be a gun.

After Dex and his entourage fled the scene, campus police issued the following alert: “a male 25 yr, 5’11, was seen inside white vehicle…with a gun at Pereira & W. Peltason. Call 911 if vehicle seen.” Shortly after the incident, UC-Irvine police posted a tweet, stating the “campus [was] all clear.”

“We are looking into the situation from all aspects to see if a partial refund could be granted,” Dilraj Toor, student service vice president for the organization, told the Times. “Our mid-liner, Famous Dex, presented us with challenges that escalated out of our control.”