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Ariana Onfroy, the half-sister of the late XXXTentacion, said in an interview published Monday that she believes his murder was the result of an inside job.

"It was definitely an inside job because who knew?" Onfroy told the Sun, a British tabloid. "Somebody that was close to him knew where he was going to be at the exact time and in that exact place. He didn't make any big announcement that 'I'm going to be here to get a bike' or something like that."

Onfroy added that she's convinced the murder, which took place June 18 at a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, was "definitely set up" because those who have been charged in connection with his death so far knew the "exact time" to be on the scene.

A Florida grand jury has indicted four men on first-degree murder and armed robbed charges for X's murder. All four men have since been taken into custody. "I want justice to be done," Onfroy said Monday. "I want the person that made that call or text or spoke to someone or whatever chain of command they went through to get these people to kill him to be brought to justice." 

Michael Boatwright, one of the four indicted suspects, has since claimed that prosecutors are withholding information that would be of assistance in his case including arrest warrant affidavits and police reports.

Complex has reached out to XXXTentacion's reps for comment and will update this post accordingly.

At the time of his death, XXXTentacion was awaiting trial on charges including witness tampering and the alleged abuse of a pregnant woman. The abuse charges were formally dropped in August due to his death.