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The wait is finally over. Travis Scott’s “Maria I’m Drunk” record is now available to stream on Apple Music and Tidal.

#MariaImDrunk@trvisXX x @justinbieber x @youngthug
Listen now.

— Apple Music (@AppleMusic) September 6, 2018

Featuring appearances by Young Thug and Justin Bieber, the cut generated plenty of buzz before its 2015 release. “Maria I’m Drunk” was a standout track on Scott’s debut studio album Rodeo, but was only available to those who purchased the project. This tactic is far from new, as many artists have used album-exclusives to rack in more coin; however, many people believe there were contractual reasons behind the move.

Though nothing has been confirmed, fans suspect the track was never available to stream because of Bieber’s rap cameo. Theorists pointed to the original version of Diplo’s “Bankroll,” which was reportedly scrubbed due to the Bieb’s guest verse. Diplo claimed he had to toss the pop singer’s rap due to an “exclusive” deal; however, some fans were convinced the labels were trying to suppress Bieber’s rap endeavors for some unexplained reason.

Again, this is all speculation, but the theory is fairly interesting. Scott, however, has requested that everyone stop wondering about the whys and just enjoy the cut:

You can stream “Maria I’m Drunk” now on Apple Music and Tidal. And peep fans' reactions to the release below.