Rapper Russ has received his fair share of criticism over the years, with both Smokepurpp and Yung Bans in particular sharing a disdain for the controversial figure. During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, Russ addressed why he thinks he's as maligned as he is, commenting, "It started because I was always big-upping myself, super confident." However, the most interesting part of the interview comes when he says that he beat up two of his biggest critics.

When asked about Smokepurpp and Yung Bans, who continue to post tweets saying "Fuck Russ" on a regular basis, Russ says he fought one of them when he caught them at a festival. "That motherfucker knows what time it is," he said. "If they respond, they know what time it is. We got video too. I'll leak the video of you getting your ass beat. Don't make me play the internet game, and have you humiliated. Don't do that."

While he refused to name which of the two rappers he ran up on, Bans has already responded to his claims, tweeting, "Y'all know damn well Russ ain't beat my ass... FUCK RUSS."

He later went on to mock Russ further, referencing his stuttering response to Charlamagne pressing for more details. Smokepurpp, meanwhile, has yet to respond to the claims.

Watch the full interview on Breakfast Club below.