Pusha-T may have found himself in one the most unlikely hip-hop beefs.

While filming a recent episode of Family Feud, game show host Steve Harvey addressed the inescapable “Story of Adidon” track, in which King Push raps: “How you a winner but she comin’ in last place?/Monkey-suit Dennis, you parade him/A Steve Harvey-suit nigga made him.”

The diss was directed at Drake’s father, Dennis Graham; however, Harvey was clearly collateral damage, as the line mocked his style. Months after the scathing track dropped, Harvey fired back.

“Pusha-T. Who the f*ck is that? […] What is this broke-a** boy? Where did he come from?” Harvey asks the studio audience. “Pusher-T don’t help me with none of my bills, ain’t sending none of my kids through school. Pusher-T don’t answer my prayers. Pusher-T don’t give me health.”

Harvey then announced he was going drop a rap of his own, before diving into a freestyle.

“Who the f*ck is Pusha-T, f*ckin’ with me?/You better watch out, T/You don’t know who I be […] Somebody best know not to f*ck with me.”

You can watch the insane clip above.