Plies has been having a pretty good year so far, just generally living his best life and landing a prominent cameo on Drake's Scorpion with a hilarious sample. Unfortunately, TMZ reports that the 42-year-old rapper has hit a bit of a speed bump and has been arrested as he was trying to board a plane in Tampa, Florida.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Plies was attempting to board a plane, and was subsequently arrested when his carry-on bag was found to have had a Glock 43 in it. The gun wasn't loaded, but it was accompanied by a fully-loaded magazine. TSA agents discovered the firearm before he boarded his Delta flight, although it's not clear where he was heading.

Plies supposedly doesn't hold a permit for the gun, and was arrested by airport police for carrying a concealed weapon. He's being held at Tampa International right now, but he is expected to be transferred to Hillsborough County Jail shortly. Sources close to Plies tell TMZ that he mistakenly grabbed the incorrect bag before setting off to the airport, and has already admitted the weapon is his.

Fortunately for him, Plies is a registered gun owner, despite not carrying a permit at the time of his arrest. It's unclear how long Plies will remain behind bars, but hopefully it won't be for too long.