Much like the genre of his music, Post Malone is a bit of a mystery. Tattoos adorn the self-described rock star’s body. Based on his lyrics and posts to Instagram, the rapper seemingly spends his days making music, sipping Bud Light, lighting cigarettes, and doing literally nothing else. His meteoric rise from SoundCloud, where his 2015 hit “White Iverson” exploded, to owning the top-selling album in the world for three straight weeks in May, has left the casual Posty fan with plenty of questions.

With just two official albums to his name, along with a single mixtape, Post has made a significant mark on the rap game and the music world in general. He’s covered Bob Dylan songs. He’s already collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. He’s also experienced plenty of controversy, from being heard using the N-word in an old Vine to the fallout from his less-than-flattering comments about the state of rap music today.

Life is anything but quiet for Post, though he tries to be as private as possible for a music star in the digital age. He keeps to himself, doing the occasional interview and remaining fairly inactive on social media platforms. This has created a bit of mystery around him, so we’re here to provide some answers to all the burning questions you’ve ever had about the rapper.

From the meaning of his most recent face tattoo to his rarely talked-about (or seen) girlfriend, this is everything you need to know about Post Malone.